S.No. CLASSES BOYS From Other College GIRLS From Other College
1 B.A./B.Com. Part I 3380/-   3200/-  
2 B.Sc. PART I (Maths) 4610/-   4430/-  
3 B.Sc.PART I (Biology) 5290/-   5110/-  
4 B.A./B.Com. Part II 3080/-   2900/-  
5 B.A. Part III 3080/-   2900/-  
6 B.Com. Part III 3280/-   3100/-  
7 B.Sc. Part II (Maths) 4260/-   4080/-  
8 B.Sc. Part III (Phy. & Chem.) 4260/-   4080/-  
9 B.Sc. Part III (Phy. & Maths) 3870/-   3690/-  
10 B.Sc. Part III (Chem. & Maths) 3870/-   3690/-  
11 B.Sc. Part II (Bio.) 4940/-   4760/-  
12 B.Sc. Part III (Bio.) 4320/-   4140/-  
13 M.Sc. Prev. (Maths) 3540/- 3740/- 3300/- 3500/-
14 M.Sc. Prev. (All Subject) 4060/- 4260/- 3820/- 4020/-
15 M.A. Prev. 3340/- 3540/- 3100/- 3300/-
16 M.Com. Prev. 3340/-   3100/-  
17 M.Sc. Final (Maths) 3540/-   3300/-  
18 M.Sc. Final (All Subject) 3960/-   3720/-  
19 M.A./M.Com. Final 3540/-   3300/-  



The Proctorial & Anti Ragging Board helps in maintaining sound discipline and order in the College Campus, and shall take full disciplinary action against any violation of the compulsory COLLEGE CODE OF CONDUCT by any student/s, approved by the Principal. Indulgence in any acts of ragging/misconduct/indiscipline shall lead to the suspension/rustication of the defaulting student/s from the College.


1. Those who have passed from other Universities other than C.S.J.M University,Kanpur must deposit Rs.100/-as enrollment fee.

2. Members of the S.C.M. are to add Rs. 100/- to the total fee amount given above.

The University Examination forms and Enrollment forms shall be available as per programme notified on the College Notice Board. Students must fill and submit them with all the necessary documents along with TWO passport size photographs in the College.


75% ATTENDANCE (separately in theory and practicals) IS COMPULSORY FOR EVERY STUDENT as per University directives, failing which students would bedisallowed to appear in their examinations. The parents of the absenting studentsshall be regularly informed about it by the PRINCIPAL through SMS.
14. INTERNAL ASSESSMENTS / TESTS AND/OR HALF YEARLY EXAMINATIONS THE COLLEGE CONDUCTS CLASS TESTS, AND/OR HALF-YEARLY EXAMINATIONS to prepare the students to score high in final examinations. All students must take these tests for their great benefit failing which the university shall not allow them to take the final examinations. Parents shall be informed


The College provides fee concessions to deserving and needy students as per the State Govt. rules. Applications on the prescribed forms must be received and submitted at the concessions counter ONLY FROM SEPTEMBER 7th TO 15TH, 2018. ANY OTHER DETAILS WOULD BE NOTIFIED.



Scholarship to admitted students belonging to the Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe, Backward Class, Minorities and General categories shall be given as per online procedure. Deserving students must see the Scholarship website & College Notice Board for the same. Such students must send the downloaded hard copy of the Scholarship Form with all necessary documents to the College for being forwarded to the Samaj Kalyan Office WITHIN TIME.



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