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Library :

The College Library under the LIBRARY COMMITTEE has a rich and growing collection of course and reference books, journals and daily newspapers to be used in theReading Room by the students in their free time . A FINE OF Re. 1/- PER DAY PER BOOK SHALL BE CHARGED FROM THE STUDENTS FOR LATE RETURN (SEE DIARY).


N.C.C. :

Undergraduate men students may join the N.C.C. Armoured Wing or Air Wing ,presenting themselves to the concerned Staff Incharges (see Diary).


Games & Sports :

Apart from regular and Annual Athletics, a wide range of games are conducted in the College, such as, Football, Cricket, Basketball, Tennis, Table Tennis, Kho Kho, Weight Lifting and Best Physique. College athletes and teams are trained and sent to various tournaments. These are conducted by the College SPORTS, GAMES AND GROUND COMMITTEE with the Head, Physical Education as the Convener (see Diary).


College Houses And Co-Curricular Activities :

Widely varied co-curricular activities and contests are conducted by the COCURRICULAR PROGRAMMES COMMITTEE at the Departmental, Intra-House, Inter-House and Inter-Collegiate Levels, with all students divided into four Houses (named after four Principals of the College) base on the first letter of their first names, as follows:

1. Westcott House : 'A' to 'G'

2. Douglas House : 'H' to 'M'
3. Chatterji House : 'N' to 'R'

4. Slater House : 'S' to 'Z'
Details of the programmes shall be put up on the Notice Boards (see Diary).


S.C.M :

All Christian students of the College are members of the College unit of the Student Christian Movement of India which organizes religious and other activities/ programmes for the all round growth of students, both in and outside the College. Admitted students must quickly contact the SCM Committee/Staff Advisors for membership and active participation..
On all working days a Worship Service is held at the College Chapel from 10:30 A.M. to 10:45 A.M. All Christian students are expected to attend and participate in the services as well as all other programmes.


Value Education & Community Service Programme :

The College offers a useful course in Social Work and Value Education with Certificates of Merit for 75% attendance and active participation (replacing the withdrawn N.S.S. Programme in which this College was one of the best units of Kanpur). The Programme shall be conducted by the VALUE EDUCATION & COMMUNITY SERVICE COMMITTEE. (see Diary/ Notice Boards).


College Magazine & Departmental Publications :

College Magazine shall be brought out around December 2014. Some Departments (English / Hindi etc.) also bring out their publications. Students may submit their original contributions (articles, poems, interesting experiences etc.) for the publications latest by October 15, 2014 to the Principal / Editors of the PUBLICATIONS AND EDITORIAL COMMITTEE (See Diary/ Notice Boards).


Inter-Faculty Multimedia Education Centre :

Special multi-media lectures, seminars and exposure programmes in various subjects for both staff and students shall be held regularly at the College Multi- Media Centre, arranged by the INTER- FACULTY MULTI-MEDIA EDUCATION, RESEARCH & CONFERENCE COMMITTEE (see Diary/ Notice Boards)..