Do not smoke or chew pan or pan masala in the College premises.
Do not park any vehicle in the college premises, but at the college stand only.
Always keep your identity card with you and produce it on demand by any member of the staff.
Do not rag any student or misbehave with any staff member or defy the orders of the staff/officers on duty.
Do not hold any meeting in the College without the permission of the Principal.
Do not skip classes or loiter about aimlessly in the college campus. Shouting, talking loudly, and any vulgarity shall be considered as gross misconduct.
Do not associate yourselves with undesirable outside elements nor invite them to the college campus.
Do not needlessly overstay in the College after classes are over.
Do not misbehave with the co-eds .
Do not write on walls or disfigure desk, furniture or floor or put unauthorized notices on blackboards or notice boards.
Do not leave classes without the permission of the teachers.
Security for good behavior during the stay of the students in the college shall be collected at the rate of Rs. 200/- per student once at their admission to the College, which shall be refundable at the time they leave the College. The losses caused to the College property by the materially destructive activities of the students shall be debited to the account before refunding the amount on the exit of students.




Under very compelling circumstances the College Management had to abolish the Students Union in the Year 2001-02, as specified in the ‘Caution’ below :


Respecting democratic principles, this Institution had been organising the union of students to inculcate in them a sense of healthy and constructive democratic activities and behaviour, but in recent years the elected student leaders launched a most malafide movement of gross indiscipline, corruption, terror and destruction, both inside and outside the College, bringing much disrepute to the Institution. Their shameful activities included such shocking acts as extortion of money from simple students and parents deceiving them with various false promises such as procuring admission, freeship, high marks etc., threatening the office staff relentlessly, abusing and attacking teachers even the Principal at his office & residence. Such violent activities not only entirely disreputed the academic atmosphere and work but were essentially prejudicial to good order and discipline in the College. For all these activities named F.I.Rs by the College and some times by the public were filed. When the matter were seen not coming to an end, the Management of the College decided not to hold students union elections to safeguard its minority character and its reputation of being an institution of excellence, where Leaders like Pt. Moti Lal Nehru and numerous others had been educated. Certain elements had filed a writ petition in Hon’ble High Court, Allahabad, for holding union elections by the college and the matter was pending before the Hon’ble High Court for decision. Till then all the student problems had been taken care of by the Principal through the COLLEGE REFORMS AND WELFARE COMMITTEE.


(The College filed a counter-affidavit to the writ petition of the students no. 36732/2001. Meanwhile the State of U.P. issued certain orders on the constitution of students ’ unions, affecting minority institutions vitally, therefore the College Management had to file another petition no. 46115/2003. Certain students of the College applied to the Hon’ble Court to be impleaded as parties to the writ petition of the students. All these writ petitions were grouped together by the Hon’ble High Court which were heard and finally decided on 23.12.2004, dismissing the writ petition of the students and allowing the writ petition of the College against the State of U.P. and Others vindicating the rights of minority Institutions in accordance with the Constitution of India.)   





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