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The relevant extracts of the Court Orders in the above mentioned writs are given below :

“In exercise of the right to administer the minority Institution the management of the petitioner-institution has taken a decision to abolish the process of holding of elections of the students union, specially in the background of the complaints which has been stated in detail in the writ petition, it cannot be said that the decision so taken by the management of the petitioner-institution is either arbitrary or unjustified. Further the said decision of the representation of the students through perfect system is also a well known and recognised mode of representations of the students for various activities of the educational Institutions for providing overall development of the students. The said mode to nominate office bearers has been recommended at the time of establishment of the students union itself by the Kothari Committee.


This Court does take judicial notice of the prevailing circumstances wherein the elections of the students union are held in various universities and degree Colleges resulting in mass violence, participation of political parties through back door, misuse of administrative machinery and involvement of unauthorized expenditure towards posters and pamphlets etc., increasing tendency to win the union elections by hook or crook…

In view of the aforesaid the orders issued by the additional District Magistrate dated 23.07.2004 as well as Government orders dated 01.09.2003 and dared 08.09.2003 which provides for election of office bearers of the Students’ Union in affiliated minority Degree Colleges cannot be legally sustained and are hereby quashed. A WRIT OF MANDAMUS IS ISSUED COMMENDING THE RESPONDENTS NOT TO FORCE THE PETITIONER-INSTITUTIONS TO HOLD ELECTIONS OF THE OFFICE BEARERS OF THE STUDENTS’ UNION. The writ petition no. 46112 of 2003 is allowed and Writ Petition No. 36732 of 2001 is dismissed.”

Henceforth, the decision of the College to have the representation of the College students through the COLLEGE REFORMS & WELFARE COMMITTEE stands to function in the College.