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Rules of Admission

  • Admission to all programmes is completely online.  Register online using the admission portal to get user ID and password for student login.
  • ADMISSION TO B.A./B.Sc./B.Com., PART I CLASSES shall be on the basis of merit with due weightages/concessions on the basis of norms. The merit percentages for the Science streams would be calculated on the basis of PCM marks for B.Sc. Mathematics, and PCB marks for B.Sc. Biology. The merit percentage for B.Com./B.A. shall be calculated on the basis of the best marks in five subjects of the class XII examination.
  • ADMISSION TO M.A./M.Sc./M.Com. Prev. Classes shall be open to those who have passed the qualifying examination as regular/private students from any University/College/Institution recognized by UGC.
  • ADMISSION to B.A., B.Sc., B.Com. PART II/III, M.Com./M.A./M.Sc. Final CLASSES shall be open only to those who have passed the qualifying examination from this college as regular students during the session 2019-20, provided they have not engaged themselves in any criminal activity resulting in F.I.Rs or in acts of serious/persistent misconduct, lowering the reputation of the College or disturbing its peaceful atmosphere. Others need not to apply.
  • ADMISSION TO M.Sc. Prev. Classes shall be on the basis of merit with due weightages/concession as per the C. S. J. M. University, Kanpur norms.

NOTE: Applicants for M.A./M.Com./M.Sc., Prev. must have passed the environmental studies paper of the C.S.J.M. University, Kanpur for their graduation. They must submit self-attested photocopies of their original graduation marks sheets of part I, II, III, high school and intermediate without which their admission shall not be considered.


  • SCHEDULED CASTE AND SCHEDULED TRIBE CANDIDATES shall be admitted to all UG Part I and PG previous classes as per government reservation policy and the rules of the C.S.J.M. University, Kanpur, which provide that no student having less than 45% marks in Commerce/Science and 40% in Arts shall be admitted. OTHERS NEED NOT APPLY.

NOTE: All S.C./S.T. candidates must necessarily upload and attach with their admission forms self-attested photocopies of caste certificates countersigned by their parents, failing which they would not be considered later for admission in the reserved category.

  • CHRISTIAN CANDIDATES seeking admission to UG part I and PG previous classes shall be admitted as per norms applicable to them. However, the percentage of marks laid down for general category students shall not apply to them.
  • ADMISSION TO ANY CLASS IS THE PRINCIPAL’S DISCRETION, AND NONE CAN DEMAND IT AS A RIGHT. Any irregularities of admitted students would later come to light, the Principal would by discretion cancel such admissions, issuing notice to them. Similarly if it is found that any information which ought to have been disclosed by a candidate has not been disclosed or wrong information has been given or any material error has occurred resulting in the admission of the candidate who ought not to have been admitted, the Principal has the discretionary right to cancel such admission by giving notice to such candidate.
  • The college shall not admit any student against whom FIR has been lodged either for unfair means or for any indisciplinary action under the Nakal Adhyadesh in the examinations conducted in the college or elsewhere, and if any student gets admission without disclosing the fact that he/she had been caught using unfair means in examinations shall for all purposes be deemed a non-student of the college despite his having deposited fees and holding identity card and other relevant documents in a wrongful manner, as his/her admission in the College is void abinitio from the very date he/she had deposited the fee. Mere depositing the fee and getting endorsement of the College authorities for issuance of identity card and other relevant documents in such cases shall not be relevant.
  • If any student indulges in activities prejudicial to law & order and good discipline within the College campus or outside for which FIR is lodged and the student is prosecuted in criminal courts, during the pendency of such suits he shall not be admitted/re-admitted to the College.
  • (a)Students who have failed or dropped in the University Examinations will not be admitted. However, they may appear in the University Examinations as Ex- Students for which a notice on the Notice Board shall appear when the University applications from Ex-students to the effect. EX-STUDENTS are not bonafied students of the college. their entry in the college without permission is prohibited and if forced would invite action by the college.

    (b)The eligibility of back paper/ ex-student applicants shall be strictly as per university norms. any controversial cases shall have to be reported to the Principal.

    (c)Students who would apply for Back Papers should consult the college website notice (as would be notified by the University).

    (d) Students failing in B.A./B.Sc./B.Com. I/II shall not be eligible for admission to the next higher class unless they first pass those examinations as Ex-Students and then apply for admission to the next higher class.

  • Condonation of a gap period: Candidates with a gap between the year of their last qualifying examination and the forthcoming academic session in which admission is sought, shall not be considered for admission. However, such cases may be considered only if (1) the gap year has been devoted to a course of study leading to a complete degree recognized by the C.S.J.M. University, Kanpur and (2) the candidates’ aggregate marks are above/at the cut-off percentage of admissions to related classes of this session, within the relevant categories. Yet admitting such cases would entirely be subject to the satisfaction and discretion of the Principal.
  • Students completing a Postgraduate course shall not be eligible for admission to another Postgraduate course in this College.